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Need Help Purchasing Your Dream Home?

Discover how easy it can be to buy a home anywhere in the U.S. with little or no money down using federal, state, or municipal down payment programs.

Qualified home buyers can get down payment assistance to cover down payment and even closing costs from a variety of sources nationwide. There are millions of dollars available from Federal, State, and Local Housing Finance Agencies, Non Profits, Lenders, Community Action Programs, and various other institutions serving home buyers nationwide.

Not Sure Where To Start?

Let Down Payment Connections help you! We have a massive network of both Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Loan Officers that can assist you. Our goal is to help educate you throughout the home buying process.

What Is A DPA?

A Down Payment Assistance (DPA) program can help Home Buyers to purchase their dream home by applying funds toward the required down payment and possibly even closing costs associated with a mortgage.


What Can Down Payment Connections Do For You?

Down Payment Connections is a free resource for potential Home Buyers. Our goal is to educate you--the consumer--on the home-buying process. Purchasing a home can seem like a task and many do not know where to start.

That's where we come in!

If you do not know where to start in the home-buying process, fill out the form below and one of our consultants will reach out. We will explain how the process works and what you can expect.


How To Apply For A DPA

Scroll to the bottom of this page to the Contact Us section and complete the secure, online form to receive more information regarding which specific Down Payment programs you may qualify for!

Down Payment Connections is a free tool for potential home buyers! We are here to help educate and connect you with Real Estate and Mortgage professionals in your desired neighborhood.

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Frequently Asked

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Can You Qualify For DPAs With Poor Credit?

Yes, some lenders can work with many buyers who have credit scores as low as 600. There are many programs available to review or help you clean up bumps or bruises on your credit.

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How Do You Qualify For DPAs?

Each program and participating lender may have different requirements. It's best to review all factors in qualifying for down payment money. Complete our secure online form to see how much you may qualify for.

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What Type Of Mortgages Qualify For DPAs?

Many types including FHA, VA, USDA, and most Conventional loans. Complete our secure online form to see which programs you may qualify for.

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